About Gearhead Engines

If you’re on the market for a remanufactured engine, transmission, axle assembly, cylinder head, or reconditioned hybrid battery or EV battery, the Gearhead team can help you get back on the road quickly.

A history of quality products and exceptional customer service

At Gearhead, we’re dedicated to providing efficient and dependable responsiveness, integrity, and value.
Gearhead Engines is a division of the largest engine remanufacturer in North America. Our team brings more than a decade of online sales and support and shares corporate history and experience dating back to 1936.

In addition, Gearhead does more than just remanufacture great products. Highly-skilled teams of engineers, sales, and support representatives, and executives combine their talents to provide high-level products, warranties, logistics, and customer service.

More than engines!

Our teams definitely excel at remanufactured gas and diesel engines. But Gearhead Engines also provides remanufactured transmissions, cylinder heads, rear axle assemblies, and reconditioned hybrid batteries as well. In short, Gearhead is more than just engines, and we’re here to help you find an affordable solution that gets you moving again.

GO with Gearhead today!

GO with Gearhead Engines todayOur teams definitely excel at remanufactured gas engines. Similarly, we have skilled technicians and support professionals for diesel and marine engines as well. And we also remanufacture manual and automatic transmissions, turbo chargers, cylinder heads, axles, and short blocks and recondition hybrid and EV batteries.

In short, Gearhead Engines brings knowledge and know-how to your automotive issues. We’ll help you find the right solution and get it to you quickly.

Our number one priority is getting your vehicle back up and running, getting you where you need to go. Regardless of your needs, we’ll work to ensure you’ll drive away smiling.