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What's your favorite remanufactured engine?

Which is your Favorite Remanufactured Engine?

We can appreciate want over need. Sometimes you need a new reman engine for your car, truck, or boat. Sometimes you just want something newer, better, more powerful. So we looked to reddit where totally_not_griffin asked r/cars redditors about their favorite engines. halcykhan was brief and direct in responding. Reddit user Wogachino‘s a fan of … Read more


What We’re Reading, October 2019

Here’s a sample of the industry articles we’ve read this month. Of course, if you’re in the market for a new, remanufactured engine, transmission, differential, or heads, you know you can trust in Gearhead Engines! Mustang, Camaro, Challenger: Muscle Cars Across The Years By Nelson Ireson, Motor Authority Muscle cars have an interesting dynamic amongst … Read more

Why Buy Remanufactured Products from Gearhead Engines

Why Buy Reman Products?

You’re in the market for a replacement engine for your car, truck, or SUV, and you’re weighing your options. New engines are great, but pricey. You want to restore your car to its former glory — but you want it to be cost-effective and a good decision as well. Should you buy remanufactured? Rebuilt? A … Read more

Gearheads love the Chevy 350 engine and so do we

Why We Love the Chevy 350 Engine

The Chevy 350 engine is one of the most popular and perhaps legendary engines in automotive history. Introduced in the 1967 Camaro, it went on to power a whole range of classic Chevys, including the Impala, El Camino, Chevelle, and Nova. Your friends — the really serious gearheads, the ones you know you can trust … Read more

Care for your Gearhead Remanufactured Transmission

Caring for Your Reman Transmission

Being stuck on the road because your transmission fails isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. If you’ve had transmission problems, you should always make sure your mechanic gives your car, truck, or SUV a thorough inspection. Your service professional should provide you with reasons there are issues with your transmission. A number of components in your … Read more

Diagnosing the smoke from your engine helps keep it running smoothly

Why is my Car Smoking?

Your car, truck, or SUV engine is the evolutionary result of over a century of refinement and fine-tuning – a perfected recipe. Today’s manufacturers continue to use tried-and-tested methods, although with more technology crammed in. This doesn’t stop cars today throwing temper tantrums occasionally. On top of this, the extra tech makes diagnosing potential issues … Read more

Get the BEST deal on Gearhead remanufactured products

Six Ways to Get the Best Reman Deal

When you’re shopping for a replacement engine, transmission, cylinder heads, etc., it’s important to make sure you’re comparing products “apples to apples.” As you make up your mind, here are six details you won’t want to overlook. Is it just rebuilt, or is it fully remanufactured? Rebuilt products are basically products that have had some … Read more

Should You Repair Your Truck or Replace It with a Gearhead Engine

Should You Repair Your Vehicle? or Replace It?

This is a great question — one we hear dozens of times each month. When you’re staring at a repair bill that could run to several thousand dollars, you want to know that it’s a good investment. The one thing we stress more than anything else is this: Don’t focus on the value of your … Read more