Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We often receive questions about our products, the remanufacturing process, and purchasing from Gearhead Engines. Here are some of the more frequent questions we receive and the answers to those questions.

General Questions

Will I have to pay sales taxes on my purchase?

All Gearhead Engines purchases with U.S. billing addresses may be subject to state and local sales taxes.

  • This is in compliance with U.S. sales tax regulations.
  • The tax law for your billing state determines whether your purchase will be subject to sales tax.
  • Legal and business website Nolo has more information about these states.

Taxes, if applicable, will be reflected on the invoice your Gearhead sales representative sends you.

As always, our knowledgeable and friendly sales staff can check whether taxes will apply for your address before your purchase.

How long will it take to receive my order?

In-stock items typically ship within a day of ordering — sometimes even same day! Shipping times on items that need to be built will vary, so be sure to speak to your Gearhead Engines sales representative for the most up-to-date information.

Do remanufactured products come with warranties? How good are they?

This is important! Warranties can vary widely between companies. Gearhead Engines remanufactured product warranties are trusted and dependable. They range from 12 months to three years with no-fault protection add-ons in some cases.

Be sure check out our warranties and feel free to ask your Gearhead Engines sales representative if you have additional questions.

Do you offer law enforcement, firefighter, or military discounts?

Not currently, but this is a great idea and opportunity! We’re currently looking into the feasibility of offering these.

What are the shipping costs? Will my quote include this charge?

Gearhead Engines charges a low, flat shipping rate of $95 on most of our products. We charge a flat $30 for cylinder heads, and shipping on most diesel engines is FREE.

Of course, we’ll always pick up the core for return FREE of charge.

Our quotes provide you with an outline of all applicable charges, fees, and of course, any available discounts.

Have the products been tested? How well?

Every remanufactured product from Gearhead Engines comes sim-tested to verify proper function and performance. This testing is a hallmark of our rigorous remanufacturing process.

Do you offer dealer or installer programs?

Not at this time.

Do you do installations? Can you recommend an installer?

While Gearhead Engines builds, sells, and ships complete lines of engines, transmissions, axles, and cylinder heads, we do not install products. This gives you the freedom to select the Licensed Automotive Repair Facility of our choice. Of course, you may also opt for a DIY installation.

Our warranty options are solid right out of the shipping crate, regardless of installation method. It’s important to note, though, that labor is not reimbursed for DIY installations or repairs.

Product Cores and Deposits

Is there a core charge? Is there a reimbursement for the core? If so, what’s the process?

Gearhead Engines charges a core deposit up front on most products. Additionally, we offer FREE core returns and GUARANTEE you’ll receive your core deposit back on any like-for-like cores, regardless of condition and once we’ve received your original core.

You can expect to receive your core deposit back within 2-4 weeks of the product being picked up and returned to our warehouse. Your deposit will be applied back to the credit card used for purchase.

Do you require the core? What parts need to be swapped?

We require a core deposit and core return for most products. The core will remain at the your location until your new product is installed. Once the new product is installed, the like-for-like core can be returned in the same shipping crate you received from us. The core deposit is refunded when your original core is received at our warehouse.

Why do I need to return my old core?

The remanufacturing process would not exist without cores. The ‘core’ is the base product from which our skilled machinists begin that process.

Returning your core replaces the core used to build your new, remanufactured product, and it provides us the ability to build products that may no longer be manufactured.

Will my quote include information about the core deposit?

Our quotes provide you with an outline of all applicable charges, fees, and of course, any available discounts.

What’s the turnaround time for redeeming my core return/deposit?

You can expect to receive your core deposit back within 2-4 weeks of the product being picked up and returned to our warehouse. Your deposit will be applied back to the credit card used for purchase.

Remanufactured vs. Rebuilt or Used

Is this [reman product] better than what comes on my car new?

A key advantage of buying remanufactured products is that our skilled machinists and technicians work with the latest-generation parts and the most recent manufacturer OE specifications. This allows us to fix any potential trouble spots or flaws that might have been in the initial design of the product.

Are your products used or rebuilt?

Remanufactured products you purchase from Gearhead Engines are NOT used products or rebuilt. We remanufacture our product lines, allowing our skilled machinists to bring each product up to current OE standards OR BETTER. Remanufactured is NOT the same as rebuilt.

Is replacing my [product] any more viable than just having it rebuilt locally?

There are several advantages of remanufacturing over rebuilding.

  • Our remanufactured products are machined using the latest manufacturer OE specifications. This results in higher quality than what might be expected with a rebuilt unit.
  • Every Gearhead Engines product is fully SIM-tested, which is something a local shop may not have the ability to do.
  • Additionally, our products are backed with fully-transferable, nationwide parts-and-labor warranties. This is something that likely won’t be offered if a local shop rebuilds the product.
  • Lastly, we have a massive inventory of in stock transmissions, reducing down time, and getting you back on the road quicker!

Remanufactured Axle Assemblies

Do you offer axle assemblies or disc brakes or drum brakes?

Gearhead Engines offers a wide range of rear axle assemblies for both drum brake and disc brake equipped vehicles.

Are your axles lighter than my stock axle?

We sell OEM axles, so they will be the same weight.

Will your axles make my truck more off-road capable?

Many trucks are equipped with open rear differentials, so upgrading to a limited slip (posi) unit will enhance off-road capabilities.

I would like a specific gear ratio. Do you provide gear ratios besides factory?

We are happy to provide you with any product we remanufacture. If you request a setup that is outside of the manufacturer’s configuration, we cannot guarantee fit or function.

I’m converting my 4×2 into a 4×4. What will I need besides the front axle assembly and transfer case?

This is a better question for the Licensed Automotive Repair Facility of your choice or online automotive forums.

Does this include the axle tube and pass side axle?

Gearhead Engines axle assemblies ship complete with axles, backing plates, and fluid installed. You’ll be able to hang your brakes and wheels,  and it will be ready to go back under your vehicle.

Remanufactured Cylinder Heads

My lifters are knocking. Should I replace the whole cylinder head, just the lifters and shaft, or what?

That is something that you would need to determine on your end. There are many variables when determining to repair or replace and exactly WHAT should be replaced. It’s a better question for the Licensed Automotive Repair Facility of your choice or online automotive forums.

Are these bare heads or fully loaded? Does the head include valves, cams, lifters, head bolts?

All Gearhead cylinder heads are “ready to install.” They ship with valves, springs, and cam(s) installed.

We do not supply head bolts or gasket sets.

It’s cylinder #8 that is has a bad valve. It’s on driver side of vehicle. Is that the left or right side?

Imagine you’re sitting in the driver’s seat, looking out the windshield. That determines orientation. So in this example, the driver’s side cylinder head would be the left head.

Do you require the cylinder heads off my vehicle as a core for your product?

Gearhead Engines collects a core deposit at the time of your order. Additionally, we offer free shipping to return your old core, and you’ll be reimbursed once we receive your old core at our warehouse.

Remanufactured Engines

How many miles are on the engine?

One major advantage of buying remanufactured is that our engines are in new (or better) condition. They have zero mileage or wear and will need to be “broken in” just like a new vehicle.

Is this a complete engine? Does it come with all the parts necessary to install it? Or is it just the engine itself?

We supply our customers what’s known as a “long block.” This means the head(s), valve train, timing components, and oil pump will be installed/included. We also supply the customer with gasket sets for the installation of components like manifolds, valve covers, and oil pans.

Some engines are offered in multiple build levels, so be sure to ask your Gearhead Engines sales representative if you have any questions.

Does the turbo come with the engine?

We do not supply turbos at this time, but we are looking into it as an option for the future.

Do your engines come with valve covers and oil pans?

This depends on the application. Be sure to ask your Gearhead Engines sales representative about what options will be available.

Do you carry high performance engines?

Gearhead Engines offers performance builds for a small number of applications.

I’m having trouble finding a replacement for my [specific model] engine? Can you help?

Absolutely! Gearhead Engines has knowledgeable and friendly sales staff available Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-7 p.m. Central Time to help identify exactly what you need.

Is there a possible rebuilt upgrade from the factory for this vehicle?

All of our engines include the latest generation of parts and updates, they’re remanufactured at or above OE specifications, and any upgrades our internal R&D department has developed. While you can get a rebuilt engine from the manufacturer, we guarantee that our engines are top-notch and back them with our warranty program.

Do you sell short blocks?

We do not currently offer short blocks.

Reconditioned Hybrid Batteries

Do you want my old battery core back?

Yes! We package these units in plastic tubs like our engines, so we charge a core, will recover it, and will refund your core deposit when we receive your like-for-like core.

What causes battery units to fail?

Hybrid battery cells lose capacity over time. When some cells degrade faster than others, the battery becomes out-of-balance. This is often what causes the vehicle warning light indicating battery failure.

What does “Medium” or “High” Density mean?

Gearhead Engines offers hybrid batteries with Medium-Density cells, High-Density Cells, and 100% NEW cells.

  • Medium-density cells qualify at 70-83% of their original capacity.
  • High-density cells qualify at 83-100% of their original capacity.

Accordingly, vehicle owners will see a reduction in the longevity of the battery – this will affect the total range and gas mileage.

Why would I want 70% of what I had when my vehicle was new?

Our reconditioned batteries represent a much more affordable repair to the vehicle and, depending on your driving patterns, may not matter to you at all.

What’s the difference between remanufactured and reconditioned?

Many of Gearhead Engines’ product lines are remanufactured, meaning that they are taken apart and rebuilt to the same or better than OE standards.

In the case of our hybrid batteries and EV batteries, we recondition and grade the battery modules by capacity and group them for better performance.