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Testimonials from satisfied customers

Learn how the Gearhead Engines team is building relationships, getting cars back on the road, and keeping owners happy and smiling through these awesome testimonials!

Prompt courteous service. Delivered as promised. On time Great price. Can't ask for more than that!

Bruce M.

Nothing like a nice remanned, clean engine to spice up a disgusting old engine compartment.  It started up the first time tried, lets hope the same for the next 15 years. And the humans were great too. 1987 Chevy S10 4x4 (2.8L upped to a 3.4L)

Floyd B.

Great service, excellent prices.

Lonny L.

From beginning to end I received the best service anyone could ask for. My salesperson was knowledgeable, and friendly in assisting me with my purchase. I would highly recommend this company to anyone!

Kenny M.

Awesome Service from start to finish.

Mike L.

I love the way your guys work n tom was the best person that I talked to. He explained it all to me. I have given my friend this site if they need any thing to get it from u guys! ty, tom!

Liz H.

Received excellent customer service. Staff was very helpful in finding the correct engine for my application. Friendly and very knowledgeable.

Ron S.

Fantastic delivery and quick pick up core. Engine arrived faster than I had time to get the old one out. New engine fired right up and runs great. Good price. Most pleasant experience in every way.

John F.

Ordering Motor went very well. Smooth pick-up from carrier.

Wesley S.

I just replaced my 5.9L in 1988 Wagoneer... Superb pricing and customer service! My tech, Jeff, helped me understand their manufacturing process. I just changed the oil after the 1500 mile break in and sent off for analysis... Not one single return of any metal... NOTHING... Great engine guys and will use you again!


These guys are great. Top-quality engines and friendly customer service.

Max W.

I bought a chevy 6.0 engine for my 2003 2500hd from Gearhead, got it installed with a new transmission, and put on roughly 500 miles so far. Shipping was smooth, return of the core was smooth, engine fired right up! No problems what so ever.

Josh A.

I love my new reman engine. My old truck is SO reliable now. Thanks, Gearhead.

Michelle B.

Thanks, Gearhead! My son's Chrysler 300C is ready to roar with its new 5.7 liter Hemi engine!

Marty M.

I bought a 4.0l SOHC VIN E for my Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 1998. Just got through installing it and it purrs like a kitten. Congratulations! Excellent service and delivery on time.

Alfredo R.
Testimonials highlight the great work of the team at Gearhead Engines