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Testimonials from satisfied customers

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I've gotten my engine I got from Gearhead installed and am very happy with the it. My jeep has never run better. It was so easy too. They shipped it directly to my door and arranged to pick up the core.

Terrie S.

I contacted Gearhead Engines and wanted a 1985 3.7 Dodge engine for my Dodge Ram. The engine was sent and my shop installed the engine and it runs great. Great customer service and great shop work.

Dalton T.

The engine arrived and has been installed. So far it has performed perfectly. Service was speedy and of good quality. If I ever need another engine, I wouldn't hesitate to order from Gearhead again.

Kelly Y.

I am really happy with my Gearhead remanufactured V8. I installed it in my '75 Ford F250 and it fired right up on literally the first crank and it purrs like a kitten. I just hit the 600 mile break in point and it's solid as a rock. Glad I went with Gearhead!!!!!

Pete H.

I am a neurotic engineer, which means I called these guys countless times anytime I thought something might go wrong. I would have to say that the ATK engine is better than the older stock engine that threw a rod. These guys know their stuff, Tom was the best in customer service, and the level of support they offer is amazing.

Colby S.

I purchased an engine from Tom for my Jeep Laredo. Placed the order and 3 days later, I get a call to set up a drop day appointment and with in 5 days from the ordered date, my Jeep is running like new. Customer service is great. I have a 3 year, no matter who's fault it is, warranty and no matter where I am at the time. Buen Trabajo.

Efrain R.

Ordered in February. Delivery and return of old engine was fast and painless. Engine fired right up ran great 7,000 miles later still going strong no oil burning or leaking runs great.  If I ever need another engine or anything else Gearhead sells, I'm a customer for life!

Joshua A.

Customer service was very helpful. Engine shipped on time. My mechanic will probably use Gearhead Engines in the future.

Diane H.

Thank you so much for the cylinder head I bought. I have close to 1000 miles on it, and its doing great! Customer service was good, and it arrived on time in great shape... It looked brand new! I will recommend you guys in a heartbeat! Thanks again!

Jack J.

A pleasure to work with customer service. Those guys know what they're doing.  Questions were answered freely.  Had to wait for build and was kept in total contact.  Received call that build was ready to ship and it was auto pilot. Engine received on time and core refund was prompt.  You guys are on the top shelf for future engine builds for other vehicles.  Thanks for being out there!

Rich K.

New engine arrived in great shape, was installed, ran well, and it was easy to return the core.

Kevin M.

Jeff with Gearhead Engines was great to deal with. Answered all my questions. Shipping was very very fast!!! My 1989 Baretta Success 200 is now ready for the water again. Definitely recommend Gearhead Engines.

Robert M.

Excellent product and great service.  I hope (like the last reviewed) that the engine lasts forever, but for now it is running great.

David J.

My mechanic installed my "clean motor." It was like new. Awesome find on search for a motor for a 1993 Mazda b2600. It runs GREAT! Thank you! And also for delivering fast and friendly!

John G.

Prompt courteous service. Delivered as promised. On time Great price. Can't ask for more than that!

Bruce M.
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