Remanufactured Axle Assemblies

Are you in the market for replacement axle assemblies for your trusty daily driver? Instead of breaking the bank ordering dealership products or risking future performance problems with aftermarket parts, consider the benefits of remanufactured axle assemblies. Our Gearhead Engines team proudly creates and carries a massive selection of remanufactured automotive parts, from entire reman engines to axle assemblies. When you pair these products with our worry-free warranty and expert remanufacturing processes, you can trust that our remanufactured axle assemblies are the ultimate solution for your automotive needs! Learn more about the performance and durability benefits of installing a remanufactured rear axle assembly below.

A Gearhead remanufactured rear axle assembly provides years of quiet, trouble-free performance. Built axle-to-axle and including fluid and backing plates, our rear axles are the most complete on the market.

Cutting-edge precision-remanufacturing

Installation is a snap. Drop your old unit; install a reman axle assembly from Gearhead Engines; hang your brakes; and you’re done!
Starting with a straight clean housing, our certified technicians precision-remanufacture our axle assemblies using new ring and pinion gears, seals, and bearings. They carefully check for backlash as a final step before installing the new cover.

After, our technicians install verified or new axle shafts after the new backing plates, and they add high-quality fluid and friction modifier, as necessary, in the final step.

Then, we package the entire assembly in a heavy-duty, eco-friendly plastic container — that protects the fresh unit during it’s trip to you and the core when returned to us.

Trust in Gearhead axle assemblies

Gear up with a Gearhead 0147a3 remanufactured rear axle assembly!

Gear up with a Gearhead 0147a3 remanufactured rear axle
Because of our industry-leading warranties, you can trust Gearhead assemblies to take you and your family down the road safely. Our Gearhead axle assemblies come with three-year, unlimited mileage warranties. Of course, upgrades to “no fault” warranties are available when installed through the licensed service facility you choose.

Shipping to you throughout the continental U.S.

We know how important it is to you to keep your car running smoothly. To make sure you’re up and running quickly, we provide FAST, nationwide shipping and maintain a trusted distribution network for other destinations.

Put power to the pavement
with a Gearhead axle assembly!