Blast through RPMs with Gearhead cylinder heads

Cylinder heads are a critical part of your car’s engine. If there’s a problem with them, they might lower your engine’s horsepower. Worse, they might cause engine damage. But, don’t give up on your engine just yet!

Choose remanufactured cylinder heads

Our technicians inspect all components, assemble, and perform a vacuum test to ensure the valves are perfectly mated to their seats.
Our professionals at Gearhead Engines recognize the importance of having precision-remanufactured cylinder heads in your engine. We offer the finest, most-trusted cylinder heads that fit almost any engine, including our popular Ford and Chevy cylinder heads.

Our certified technicians take each of our cylinder heads through a stringent remanufacturing process with rigorous cleaning and machining. Frankly, our technicians build them to O.E. specs or better before final assembly and shipping.

So, if you’re looking for a top-quality cylinder head, you’ve come to the right place!

Find the best cylinder heads for you needs

GO with Gearhead remanufactured 2CH4 headsOnce we find the cylinder heads that are right for you, we ship to you FAST. If you need it delivered outside the U.S., we’ll find the cheapest, fastest rates to over 800 locations around the world!

Repairing your engine with Gearhead remanufactured cylinder heads will get you back on the road quickly without breaking the bank. We warranty your replacement cylinder heads for up to 12 months or 12k miles when installed through the licensed service facility you choose.


Why wait any longer to get your repairs done?