Make waves with a Gearhead marine engine!

Gearhead marine engines provide the power and performance you expect on the water.  Our engines are perfectly suited to the both the environment and stresses that marine engines endure under high performance, constant use.

We build our marine engines to meet or exceed OEM specs using the highest quality parts.
Different from a standard car or truck engine, marine engines run continuously at higher RPMs. Additionally, they must be corrosion resistant, manufactured with the highest quality parts, and have appropriate coatings and cooling systems.

Because your boat engine runs hot, our skilled team ensures the part and machining requirements meet or exceed your original engine’s specifications. Teflon-coated pistons and stainless steel head gaskets handle the additional temperature and allow for the natural heat expansion between steel and aluminum parts.

Quality control means great days on the water

Gearhead Engines have strict controls in place during the build process for our marine engines. Also, our hot-run testing process allow Gearhead to maintain industry leading quality and minimize your boat’s downtime. There’s just no cutting corners to ensure your engine will last.

Nothing is as exasperating as having an engine problem that keeps your boat from moving. Because of this, Gearhead Engines have strict controls in place during the build process for our marine engines.

Our remanufacturing plants maintain ISO9000 certifications. That means your new engine was remanufactured using a strict, controlled, and consistent process. And our hot-run testing helps Gearhead maintain industry-leading quality.

Our marine engine line-up includes engines for MerCruiser, Volvo, OMC, and others. We also offer remanufactured marine engines in “long block” versions and with factory installed tinware — both available at competitive prices.

Industry-leading, 18-month warranty

Gearhead Engines provides an industry-leading, 18-month, unlimited-hour warranty. It’s a warranty that’s good nationwide, not pro-rated, and covers both parts and labor. As always, upgrades to “no fault” warranties are available also when installed through the licensed service facility you choose.

Why wait?
Get on board with a Gearhead marine engine!