Should You Repair Your Vehicle? or Replace It?

This is a great question — one we hear dozens of times each month.

When you’re staring at a repair bill that could run to several thousand dollars, you want to know that it’s a good investment.

The one thing we stress more than anything else is this:

Don’t focus on the value of your vehicle!

Unless you just want a new and potentially higher car payment, what matters is the cost of repairing your vehicle vs. the cost of replacing it with a vehicle that’s comparable.

Here’s What We Mean

Can John find a replacement vehicle that’s in better shape, with lower miles and a new engine, for less than $2,500?
John has a Ford F-Series pickup with a V8 engine and 130,000 miles. It’s got a Kelly Blue Book of $2,000, but it’s going to cost John $2,500 to have a replacement engine installed.

Should John repair it or replace it?

At first glance it seems like a no-brainer. John’s truck isn’t worth $2,500, so why spend that much on it?

The reality is that the $2,000 value assumes the engine is good. It isn’t, so John’s pickup is actually worth a fraction of that value.

The Smart Move

You’d be surprised how many of our customers buy engines for used vehicles they purchased within the last year.

Can John find a replacement vehicle that’s in better shape, with lower miles and a new engine, for less than $2,500? Probably not.

The smart move is investing that $2,500 in the vehicle he has, not risking the money on a potentially problematic used vehicle or purchasing a vehicle new. This isn’t even taking into account the fact that John has maintained his truck for years, knows it inside and out, and has recently purchased a nice new set of tires.

These are all very good reasons to keep what he has, not replace it with something he doesn’t know.

Don’t get stuck in this situation

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