Our Reliability Starts in the Remanufacturing Process

Our machinists and technicians are skilled in remanufacturing the core products that are vital to ensuring successful, long-lasting transmissions. These core products are where our reman process begins.

Before you purchase a remanufactured transmission from Gearhead Engines, that product completes the following strict, reman process.


Like engines, “close enough” doesn’t apply when we’re remanufacturing transmissions and other products. Identifying the right transmission and necessary parts is crucial to ensure you the rebuild process goes quickly and accurately. Equally important is making sure you get the right product. With our experienced staff and a comprehensive cataloging system, know that you’ll get the right product for your needs.

Teardown, cleaning, and inspection

Each and every Gearhead Engines transmission is completely torn down, cleaned, and inspected. All components requiring removal or machining will prevent any worn, damaged, and defective parts from re-entering our assembly processes. This is the first step in ensuring the highest quality remanufactured transmission is installed into your vehicle.


Worn and damaged parts identified during inspection are sent to our skilled machining team to be remanufactured to factory specifications. This critical stage enables the high-quality remanufactured transmissions and makes sure you get a transmission with the latest original equipment upgrades that meet current OE specifications.


After our precision machining process, the parts get a thorough, cleansing wash before assembly.

Valve body and electric component testing

All valve body components are remanufactured to ensure no contaminants remain in any valves or channels. This guarantees shift quality and engagement are accurate every time.

As well, we test every electronic sensor, solenoid, and solenoid pack. Sound electronic parts are critical to make sure the on-board computer communicates properly with the transmission for smooth operation.


Our state-of-the-art,  200,000 sq. ft. remanufacturing facility produces remanufactured transmissions efficiently and precisely. We can provide the highest quality transmission when you need it.

Dynamometer testing

Our fully automated dynamometer test checks over 300 data points, simulating real-world conditions in the factory. This ensures Gearhead Engines remanufactured transmissions work right the first time, every time.

Final testing

Before we place your transmission on the truck for delivery, we inspect everything from initial assembly to the dynamometer quality report. Once your remanufactured transmission arrives, you can have it installed with confidence and trust in its reliability.


Our transmissions are shipped in durable shipping containers. These containers are designed to eliminate shipping damage and make core returns easy by providing a safe, easy way to return your original transmission core.