Types of Remanufactured Engines: What To Know Before Buying

The benefits to consider regarding a remanufactured engine as a replacement for your trusty daily driver are numerous and include superior performance and affordability compared to other replacement options. However, not all remanufactured engines are created equal. Read on and discover what to know before buying the best type of remanufactured engine for your vehicle.

Short Block Engines

Short-block engines are the core of the engine, including the engine block itself and the components contained within it, such as the crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons, and bearings. This type of remanufactured engine is a popular choice for those looking to rebuild or upgrade their vehicle’s engine due to catastrophic failure or wear over time. Since these engines do not include the cylinder heads, valvetrain, or timing components, they are usually more affordable than their more complete counterparts.

Short block engines are particularly advantageous for custom builds or restorations where you’re integrating specific performance parts. However, these engines still require ancillary components in working conditions, demanding more costs and labor. Therefore, we don’t recommend this option for the regular car owner needing a ready-to-go replacement engine.

Long Block Engines

Long block engines include the engine block (crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons, and bearings) and other essential components like the camshaft(s), lifters, and often the timing chain or belt and gears. A long-block engine represents a middle ground between a barebones short block and a more complete, turnkey engine solution. It’s best for those who require more than the core engine components but wish to customize or reuse specific parts from their existing engine.

Choosing a long-block engine can significantly reduce the complexity and labor of an engine rebuild or replacement project. Since they come tested and assembled with the critical components, you can expect enhanced reliability and performance and minimal issues due to improper installation of vital internal parts. However, this convenience and added value come at a higher cost than short-block engines.

Dressed Engines

Dressed engines, often called “turnkey engines,” represent the pinnacle of convenience and completeness regarding remanufactured engine options. These assemblies come fully equipped with nearly all the components required for the engine to run right out of the box—including the intake and exhaust manifolds, fuel system, ignition system, and often even the water pump, alternator, and other ancillaries. Dressed engines offer a straightforward solution, ideal for those who are not mechanically inclined or do not wish to spend time and additional resources sourcing and installing various engine components. The primary advantage of opting for a dressed engine is the assurance that all components are compatible and have been tested together, providing a seamless integration into your vehicle.

Understanding the different types of remanufactured engines is one of the many things to know before buying replacement parts for your vehicle. Discover quality rebuilt Ford engines and other remanufactured automotive parts here at Gearhead Engines and enhance your car today.