Why Buy Reman Products?

You’re in the market for a replacement engine for your car, truck, or SUV, and you’re weighing your options. New engines are great, but pricey. You want to restore your car to its former glory — but you want it to be cost-effective and a good decision as well.

Should you buy remanufactured? Rebuilt? A salvage engine?

The answer is for us is always going to be the same. Buy remanufactured, the choice four out of five of our professional installation shops make.

But why?

Don’t let your car break down twice!

When you’re researching options, investing money, waiting for shipping, and then paying someone to install your remanufactured engine, you’d better be sure it’s going to work well. Going through that effort only to have your engine fail would be horrible.

…there’s really no functional difference between reman and new… other than price and our multi-year, unlimited mileage warranties.
Rebuilt and salvaged engines are taken from vehicles that have been sitting for an unknown amount of time and then “repaired.” Rebuilt engines are sometimes just brought to “running condition,” but that method is not always going to take the manufacturer’s OE specifications and updates into account. Your reman engine is often better-than-new because of the attention our technicians give to the machining process, taking advantage of the latest improvements. Reman products are also less likely to fail.

We know that there’s really no functional difference between remanufactured and new… other than price and our multi-year, unlimited mileage warranties.

Quality Matters

Quality engine remanufacturers produce engines to standards that meet or exceed the manufacturer’s original OE specifications. Because of the knowledge and experience gained in the years since the engine was designed and built, a remanufactured engine includes those improvements. It’s machined from the core product to be better.

In addition to the OE updates that correct errors or anomalies in the original build, all of the engines wear parts are replaced, and they pass and/or exceed every single test a new engine does.

This high level of quality is another reason we back our engines with industry-leading warranties.

Buying remanufactured is economically sound

The Average Age of Vehicle Use is Increasing

The useful life of cars, trucks, and SUVs has been increasing for a number of years. In fact, IHS Markit data shows that the average age/usefulness of cars and trucks will exceed 12 years in the next decade.

That means the average car on the road will have been built in the 2007-2008 model years. That’s some longevity and return on investment!

This is great news for consumers, who get more use out of their vehicles. But even with that longevity, car owners often want and need to keep their current cars or trucks on the road, but problems do happen.

Even today, the primary cause of engine failure is the level of ongoing maintenance or critical sub-component failure. This means a vehicle with a failed engine likely has many more serviceable years, and it’s much more cost effective to extend the life of your car, truck, or SUV with a remanufactured product.

Remanufactured engines reuse the solid core of these “failed” engines in order to save you money without sacrificing power or quality. In result, remanufactured engines can cost 25-50 percent less than domestically made new replacement products.

Remanufactured is an eco-friendly solution

Choosing Reman Products Saves on ResourcesA good description of ecological sustainability is “meeting the needs of today without compromising the needs of the future.”

Choosing remanufactured engines conserves natural resources by recapturing much of the original material, the product core, and then machining it to include better updates using less energy. The end result is a product that’s really better-than-new in a number of cases.

At Gearhead Engines, we take this a step further and operate in an eco-neutral manner. We use toxic-free cleaning solutions rather than harsh chemical solvents, and we process all emissions to release no harmful byproducts into the air or water.

In addition, whenever possible, we ship our remanufactured products in reusable, eco-friendly shipping crates. This ensures both a secure shipment to you and the return of your core, and our eco crates prevent any leaking or spillage of fluids during storage or shipment.

Bottom line. Buying remanufactured is a good, reliable, sound investment. Buy from Gearhead Engines today!