Signs Your Vehicle’s Transmission Needs Attention

Your Chevy’s transmission is a vital component that ensures smooth gear shifting and contributes to your car’s overall performance and reliability. Unfortunately, they are also prone to various complications. Learn the four signs your vehicle’s transmission needs attention in this article.

Delayed or Rough Shifting

Your Chevy’s transmission might be warning you of an issue if it hesitates before changing gears or if you notice a significant jerk or shudder during the shift. These symptoms can manifest as a delay in acceleration when you press the gas pedal or as a rough transition between gears you can feel and hear. Such shifting issues can indicate low transmission fluid, the need for its replacement due to deterioration, or more complex problems within the transmission system that require professional diagnostics.

Leaking Fluid

A fluid leak is one of the most straightforward indicators of transmission trouble. Transmission fluid is typically a bright red color, although it may appear darker or even have a brownish hue as it ages. Seeing fluid under your car, especially where you park it for extended periods, could be a sign of a leak. Fluid leaks are more than an inconvenience—it’s your vehicle’s way of crying out for attention. A leak can lead to insufficient fluid levels, which is essential for lubricating and cooling the transmission’s internal components.

Burning Smell

A distinct burning odor emanating from your vehicle is not a sign you should ignore. This smell can often coincide with an overheating transmission, where the fluid breaks down, losing its efficiency in lubricating and cooling the system. Allowing this to continue damages the transmission’s components and can lead to safety concerns. It is imperative to have a professional inspect your Chevrolet to prevent further damage and ensure your safety on the road if you detect this sharp, acrid scent, especially under the strain of shifting gears or after extended driving periods.

Strange Noises

A humming, buzzing, or whining sound when the car is in neutral could indicate an issue with the transmission’s components, such as worn bearings or gear teeth. Manual transmissions may exhibit a grinding noise when shifting gears, which suggests possible clutch adjustment issues or more severe wear and tear. Your Chevrolet needs a thorough transmission check-up if your car sounds off-key and these noises come with different transmission symptoms.

Pay attention to your Chevy and look out for these three signs your vehicle’s transmission needs attention. Consider our selection of quality Chevy remanufactured transmissions here at Gearhead Engines when you do need a replacement.