Testimonials from satisfied customers

Learn how the Gearhead Engines team is building relationships, getting cars back on the road, and keeping owners happy and smiling through these awesome testimonials!

I am really happy with my Gearhead remanufactured V8. I installed it in my ’75 Ford F250 and it fired right up on literally the first crank and it purrs like a kitten. I just hit the 600 mile break in point and it’s solid as a rock. Glad I went with Gearhead!!!!!

Pete H.

The engine arrived and has been installed. So far it has performed perfectly. Service was speedy and of good quality. If I ever need another engine, I wouldn’t hesitate to order from Gearhead again.

Kelly Y.

I contacted Gearhead Engines and wanted a 1985 3.7 Dodge engine for my Dodge Ram. The engine was sent and my shop installed the engine and it runs great. Great customer service and great shop work.

Dalton T.

I’ve gotten my engine I got from Gearhead installed and am very happy with it. My jeep has never run better. It was so easy too. They shipped it directly to my door and arranged to pick up the core.

Terrie S.

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