Which is your Favorite Remanufactured Engine?

We can appreciate want over need. Sometimes you need a new reman engine for your car, truck, or boat. Sometimes you just want something newer, better, more powerful. So we looked to reddit where totally_not_griffin asked r/cars redditors about their favorite engines.

No, I’m not talking about some absolutely insane 28.3L four banger (yes, that actually exists). I’m talking about a practical engine that you think is one of the best out there. Here’s some factors to base it on:

Reliability: Does it start in the first crank, even if it’s zero degrees? Has it passed 200K miles? Have you found an engine that has sat abandoned for years, yet fires up with minor tweaks?

Power and Fuel Economy: These two are grouped because it’s easy to have an engine with plenty of power, but fuel economy will suffer. The reverse also applies. Is there an engine that can do both?

Type of Engine: How many cylinders do you think is sweet spot? V6 or straight 6? Turbocharged, supercharged, or naturally aspirated? Why?

halcykhan was brief and direct in responding.

Gas: 300 I6 Ford
Diesel: 12v 5.9 Cummins
Have had both in farm trucks. It’s hard to beat the reliability, simplicity, and usable power band of those straight sixes

Reddit user Wogachino‘s a fan of the LS3, citing

[it’s] super easy to work on, reliable and cheap to make power. My 550whp SS is my daily, work commuter and hasn’t skipped a beat in 20k kms with weekly drag strip sessions and once a month roll racing.

We sell a number of LS3’s and can agree with some of these points!

Kayonetheus was more of a HEMI fan, and everyone loves a solid HEMI!

6.4L hemi is probably my favorite. That sound and feel is unbeatable imo. And with the upgraded internals over the 5.7L hemi, (which is already a dang reliable engine.) it would be super reliable for an engine. Mpg though, well… Lets not talk about that.

No, we won’t talk about MPG if we’re talking about ideal engines, though we’re always fans of saving a few bucks here and there — especially with a new, reman engine!

Drando_HS actually prefers

the 5.7L Hemi over the 6.4L. Mainly because I’m getting 25mpg on mid-grade gasoline in my Charger while still making great horsepower. And apparently you can make it go up to 400hp with little to no hits to you MPG.

Our favorite response to this reddit question, though, was Funderstruck‘s.

The Big Block Chevy. Yeah, the LS might be better for fuel economy, but the big block can have MPI as well, which narrows the gap a bit at least… The big block just has an old school cool to it as well. And with the massive aftermarket, it can do anything you want it to.

We’re fans of the Chevy engines as well! And we’ve sold a number of them over the years. They’re reliable and carry the right power for your needs.

Of course, we’re biased when we say that our favorite engine is your next, new remanufactured engine. (Don’t blame us for the cheesy product plugs. We’re here for a reason!)

Bottom line, the team at Gearhead Engines will save you time and money, and we have FAST delivery with nationwide, unlimited mileage warranties.